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Poema a mi mejor amigo (en Inglés)


Este poema lo hice ya hace un tiempo.. Es en inglés.. Va dirigido a mi mejor amigo.. Por todo lo que me ha ayudado..

Make me believe in something again Lord.

I used to pray every night,
wishing something might happen.

Crying was the drug I used to inhale every night,
finding myself drinking sleeping pills.

I make sure anyone would ask about me,
no one needed to care about a destroyed voice.

I used to smile once, like everyone.
But my smile was gone, no longer to be shown.
But still, I used that fake smile psychologists like to use with pacients.

I was starting a night, a very long one.
With no stars, and no moon.
A new moon.

The one I was afraid to come.
The one I spected I had forgot.
The one I was not going to get over.

But when I thought I had lost everything,

even my tears,
a new light, a fresh new light iluminated my room,
making me forget about all that psychological crap of depression.

He was there, lighting up my room,
lighting up my heart.
He was my own and personal Jacob,
one I could compare with the sun.

He teached me how to care about things,
how to smile again,
and how to listen to music.

He touched my hand and I could touch the sky,
he teached me to love cats,
he teached me how to dance,
and how to laugh.

He took me to an untold land,
where fairies could fly,
and butterflies could sing.

He teached me how to live,
but not how to live without him.

We both know I'm waiting for my Edward,

my own personification of perfection.
And he's just.... He.

He's not my prince chaming,
he's not the one who must save me from anti-depression pills (hahaha).

He's the one who must lift me up from above,
and leave all alone.
To continue,
and to see the world.

He's not an ilusion,
I used to say to myself.

He's real,
and he's my best friend.

And part of the million of parts of my heart,
of my broken heart,
belong to him,


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